Thursday, August 9, 2012

Business to Business Banners

In my previous article I wrote about Unique Search terms and how they can help your advert, in this article I am going to write about another powerful feature that many Business to Business Directories offer:


When you go on to a Business Directory and start searching for companies, you may come across an animated Banner above the list of companies when you type in a product or service you are looking for. These are called banners; companies with adverts can purchase a banner and a set of unique terms that attach to the banner. It is essentially an animated flash file; the designers will take images and text from your own website and incorporate it into the Banner.

Once you have purchased one you will be asked to pick some terms (the amount depends on what you have agreed with the directory), these terms will belong to you for the duration of your contract and no one else will be able to purchase them.

Say you pick Mezzanine Flooring...Whenever some one goes to the directory and types 'Mezzanine Flooring' you banner will flash up at the top of the page above all of the companies that offer that product, this encourages people to click on your listing instead of others.

Whilst it does not have the power of the 'Search Terms' to get you world wide coverage, it is still a very effective method of drawing extra traffic into your advert and will increase the potential leads you receive.


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