Sunday, August 5, 2012

<p>Well, it's that time of year again. The garden is in harvesting mode. How to keep up with it all can be quite an ordeal. Having a big freezer helps. We have been able to put all of our berries for jelly making in the freezer for the time being. We will get to those later.</p> <p>Waiting for the pickles has been starting out a little slow so any that are going soft in the fridge are getting made into bread and butter pickles. Those are going to be soft anyway. When we get a better harvest we will make our dill pickles.</p> <p>It looks like we didn't plant enough peas this year so we have been picking and eating them right out of the garden. You can't beat the taste of fresh peas.</p> <p>We planted a little late this year so our corn is just starting to come along. The scarecrows are keeping the crows away but it is getting time to put the dog hair (left over from grooming) down around the garden to keep the opossum and raccoons out. </p>This is a first time trying this so I hope it works. <p>Our tomatoes have been beautiful this year. I've had to really keep up with pinching the side shoots. We have a lot of green tomatoes getting ready to turn. I am ready though. All my jars, lids, and bands are clean and ready to go. We are making tomato sauce and salsa this year. I hope we planted enough. I tried a new tomato plant this year called "Juliet". It is on the same lines as the "Roma" tomato. I thought that was kind of cute so bought two of each. The Juliet plant has far surpassed the Roma plant. I am very thrilled with it. It also produces a bunch of tomatoes. So far I have been getting 6-8 tomatoes in each group (per stem).</p> <p>Because of our late start, our cucumbers, zucchini and pumpkins have been extremely slow in getting started. </p>Hopefully in the next week we will finally get a bit of harvest from the cukes and zucchini.

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