Friday, September 7, 2012

Marketing, Web Standards and Accessibility Compliant Websites

<p>Increasingly we are gaining a lot of new business through both startups and those well established firms that are seeking to revitilise their business. This in itself is an exciting arena to work in as often you get a "clean" sheet to start on. This enables strong foundations to be built that enable any future marketing plans to be highly successful.</p><p>However there is one key area of the plan that always seems to come to disagreement and potential issues arise. That is the area of the website, Coasis insist that all websites are designed using XHTML Strict and CSS (all tableless designs except where tabular data is required to be displayed). This ensures maximum compatibility on all operating systems and browsers, maximises search engine listings and lays the basis for any user with disabilities not to be discriminated against while wanting to browse your website content.</p><p>This approach for the majority of our clients does not pose a problem, they embrace the design methodology and appreciate the rewards it will later bring. They also realise that they have a moral duty to represent their company or self by adhering to government legislation for Accessibility compliance, something that Coasis have been incorporating in client sites for a number of years now.</p><p>The other side is those that have had websites for a long period of time or have at some stage in their careers been involved in websites, though not always on the technical design side. It is these clients that have a total lack of understanding as to why it is important when conducting a marketing campaign that the website has to be an efficient conduit that reinforces the marketing message. To often sales leads are lost from a successful campaign by the fact the website does not deliver.</p><p>We are trying to educate and help lead through this barrier all companies we now not only work with but also speak to. We at Coasis are more than happy to field questions over this subject matter that we feel is at the forefront of current strategic marketing.</p>
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