Thursday, September 6, 2012

Web Standards, Browsers And Designing For the Future

<p>Nowadays most of the webmasters are being designed for Internet Explorer 6. This is not totally W3C standards compliant as for Firefox, Safari, Opera and Netscape. Now the designer should realize that if the websites are made with this type then a website that looks perfect in intent explorer version is not going to have the same look in Mozilla browsers like Netscape and Firefox. This is the main factor that is being considered for long time now. Similarly, the devices that serve internet application falling in line with the W3C standards have turned out to be serious.</p><p>Microsoft has taken lot of efforts to fix the browsers compliance to W3C standards and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) compatibility. The CSS interpretation has become popular in quick time due to its power of cross browser design. Most of the web designers and developers are working on with the CSS interpretation to make sure that the websites have the same look and features on all the browsers. This is the one of the reason to why Microsoft had taken the W3C compatibility seriously.</p><p>Therefore, it is important for the web designers and web developers to check the pages designed in W3C standards browsers such as Netscape, Firefox and Opera. The case is different with the latest versions of internet explorer and Google browsers. This makes it clear for the web developers and designers to start creating web designs and web sites that are W3C standard compatibility.</p><p>We know that the primary competitor for internet versions of browsers is Firefox especially due to the reason it is a standard compliant browser. It is the same for Netscape and Google browsers. It is having these points in mind the latest web sites ad web designs are created. It is sure that every web site owner will want his website to look perfect as it is, when opened on any browsers.</p>
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