Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Raising Your Web Design Standards According To Web Standards

<p>While designing a website, it is important to follow appropriate standards. Incorporating web design standards in your website will give you many advantages for your online business.</p><p>Standards improve the overall quality and effectiveness of the website. Your website's quality depends upon adherence to standards. Web standards takes into account many factors like design quality, accessibility and usability of web sites.</p><p><strong>Advantages of incorporating web standards in your web design are:</strong></p><p>1) Browser Compatibility:</p><p>Every user will use a different browser or hardware platform to browse internet. If your website is designed by keeping in mind all the web standards and best practices, your website is definitely going to work perfectly on all the browsers and platforms. This will be helpful from the perspective of branding and usability.</p><p>2) It ensures your website is accessible to a larger audience:</p><p>Incorporating standards on your website enhances the accessibility of your website. It makes sure that both newer and older versions of browsers are compatible with your website in terms of understanding and displaying content. Compliant documents are also shared conveniently on the web and are converted to different forms if it is supposed to be shared.</p><p>3) Stability:</p><p>Standards make it very easy for a <a target="_new" rel="nofollow" href="http://www.gowebbaby.com/">web designer</a> or a developer to interpret the code which could have been developed by someone else. This will help in carrying out modifications or changes in the design if needed in the future. If a website is designed by incorporating all the web standards than another designer can easily interpret and edit the code.</p><p>4) Better compatibility with devices:</p><p>A website can be viewed in the present day with a variety of methods. Constructing a website by keeping in mind the compatibility factor has become a necessity as a website can be viewed by a range of devices. These days internet is accesses on desktops, laptops, mobile phones, tablets, palmtops etc. A website that obeys the terms of standards can be accessed conveniently on all these platforms and devices.</p><p>5) Better Quality of code:</p><p>Adhering to W3C web standards will ensure quality of programming and design. This way your website will be made free from bugs and errors so that it doesn't harm the working of the website. Using HTML is best option as it loads quickly in browsers. Submissive websites makes use of clean CSS based designs to generate quality code.</p><p>6) Better visibility on search engines:</p><p>Complying with web standards is a very useful method in improving the search engine ranking of your website. It will help your website to increase its ranking on the keywords that you target for your website. Using proper tags and overall mark up for every web page helps search engine bots to crawl on your website and give it a proper ranking.</p>
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