Sunday, September 9, 2012

Ruby on Rails - A Competent Web Development Application

<p>Written in Ruby programming language, Ruby on Rails is one of the most frequently used web application development framework. Often termed as RoR or Rails, it is an open source web development framework which is basically an object oriented programming language encouraging simple development, complete and potent web applications encompassing rich interactivity and functionality. Since Ruby on Rails works effortlessly with an array of web servers, deploying web solutions by using it is an effortless job. This is why; Ruby on Rails is part of every competent web development services set.</p><p>Ruby on Rails encourages the rails developers to boom in building powerful and elegant applications in an efficient and effortless way. Ruby on Rails segregates into four packages, Active Record which best suited for database interactivity, Action Pack which is on rails from request to response, Active Support encompassing utility classes and regular library extensions, and Action Web Service, where the server side support for the SOAP and XML-RPC web service protocols.</p><p>Ruby on Rails web development facilitates the rails developers to successfully build powerful and elegant applications in a relatively efficient and effortless way. It is believed that the coming of Ruby on Rails, an open source web development framework brought with itself a revolution in the way web applications are created. Some of the most popular websites that use Ruby on Rails web development framework in production environments are Scribed, Twitter, Urban dictionary, Base camp, Xing, Shopify, holu and Github. It is believed that any set of web development services is incomplete without Ruby.</p><p>Developed with the use of Model-View-Controller Design Pattern, ruby on rail is the favorite pick of many developers on the grounds of its powerful philosophy of CoC, which is Convention over Configuration, and DRY (Don't Repeat Yourself), and close connection with the supple development methodology. In addition the utmost convenience of using Ruby on Rails is the supple nature of development. Due to this flexibility, developing a thing on Ruby on Rails takes a much shorter duration than other platforms. Practically, Ruby on Rails has encompasses the potential of supporting rapid application development.</p><p>Features that drove humongous popularity to Ruby on Rails framework:</p><p>• Applications can be easily developed using simple methods and less code. &#13;• Suits best for developing database-backed web applications. &#13;• Facilitates quick and easy deployment of web solutions using Rails as it is adaptable with a variety of web servers and databases implementing CGI or Fast SGI. &#13;• Shows smooth compliance with databases like MySQL, SQL, SQL Server, DB2 and Oracle and allow Ruby on Rails programmers to create user-friendly, enhanced applications.&#13;• Absence of any requirement of compilation phase.</p>
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